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TIUA School of Business is an affiliate of Trinity International University of Ambassadors Corp. Kingdom business program located in Pensacola, Florida.  TIUA School of Business, through the affiliation of Trinity International University of Ambassadors Corp., offers the Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy, recognizing individuals in Entrepreneurship & Business Administration. TIUA School of Business offers the Honors Program for entrepreneurs who have shown leadership and integrity in the world of business. TIUA School of Business has been awarded the Outstanding Presidential Gold Award from President Joe Biden. TIUA School of Business received 2 outstanding awards from the state of Georgia. On June 4, 2022 TIUA School of Business has been recognized as an Outstanding Georgia Business. The state of Georgia has established June 4, 2022 TIUA School of Business Entrepreneurs Day. This acknowledgment will forever be written in the books of Georgia.  The Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration (Hon. Ph.D.) award conferred by TIUA School of Business, is an honor that acknowledges outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to their community, at national and international levels. Candidates who qualify for a TIUA School of Business Hon. Ph.D award are carefully selected through a strict vetting process. Candidates are high-profile, senior-level individuals who have served multitudes of people in a specific field of expertise. They are impact players who have brought about significant positive changes to their respective communities through business and educational development, human capital development, and relevant policy development. The program allows for each Honoree to earn a TIUA School of Business Entrepreneurship Coach Certification to further impact the nation.

TIUA School of Business makes no claims, implied or otherwise, that our educational programs, courses, or curricula are the same as those offered by secular programs. TIUA School of Business is not affiliated with the U.S. Department of Education. The TIUA School of Business honorary program gives honor to and recognizes top entrepreneurs on a national and global scale. The program provides a network where entrepreneurs can thrive and grow with other business professionals.

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